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Phone Review: OnePlus 3T

This unlocked Android smartphone from OnePlus is an excellent handset for the contract-averse. OnePlus took its excellent flagship phone from earlier this year and improved it with a round of fresh components under the hood. The result makes the OnePlus 3T one of the best phones available right now. Here is Phonescoop's full report.

Is It Your Type?

The OnePlus 3T is a slightly refreshed version of the already-excellent OnePlus 3. There's some new circuitry under the hood, which itself has a fresh coat of paint. This "affordable flagship" has a premium build and specs, and costs significantly less than class leaders from Samsung, LG, HTC, and others. The seemingly minor updates make the OnePlus 3T a sure bet for those who seek affordable, unlocked phones.


Editor's Note: Because the OnePlus 3T is so similar to the OnePlus 3, significant portions of the following text have been reprinted from our earlier review. Rest assured, we fully evaluated the OnePlus 3T and this review reflects the real-world performance of the newer model.

The 3T has a simple, direct, metal-and-glass appearance. It was milled from a single block of aluminum and has antenna lines that run side-to-side across the back. The metal chassis forms the rear and side surfaces of the phone, with 2.5D glass on front. The only exterior change made by OnePlus is the color. The 3T drops the graphite color for a darker gunmetal gray. I like it. The 3T also comes in gold. It's a good design, but far from an original one thanks to similarities to phones from Apple and HTC.

The 3T is svelte. It's about the same dimensions as the Alcatel Idol 4S and ZTE Axon 7, against which it competes directly. The phone is tall and wide, but is also incredibly slim and relatively light. With a 5.5-inch screen, it is definitely in phablet territory and often requires two hands to use. I had a hard time reaching the upper portions of the display with my thumb, even if I changed my grasp and stretched my hand. OnePlus curved the back panel near the side edges, which helps push the phone a bit deeper into your palm. The phone's thin profile helps when it comes time to put the phone in your pocket. I had no trouble slipping it into jeans, slacks, or shorts.


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