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Apple Dominated Q3 Smartphone Profits, Huawei Top Among Android Vendors

Apple captured a record-breaking 91 percent of global smartphone profits in the third quarter, but P9 creator Huawei came out on top among Android vendors despite a fierce competition with up-and-coming Chinese vendors, a new Strategy Analytics report said.

According to the report, the global smartphone industry pulled in estimated profits of $9.4 billion in the third quarter. Apple took home the lion’s share of that figure, exiting the quarter with $8.5 billion – or around 91 percent of operating profits by vendor – thanks to its ability to minimize production costs.

The third largest global smartphone vendor by volume, Huawei, managed to eke out a win against fellow Android vendors Vivo and Oppo, capturing around $200 million in operating profit for $2.4 percent of the operating profit share. Vivo and Oppo, both rapidly growing Chinese brands, each took home 2.2 percent of the operating profit share during the third quarter, the report said.

Strategy Analytics credited Huawei’s “efficient supply chain, sleek products, and effective marketing” with helping it secure a top profitability slot. Samsung was not among the top four smartphone vendors by profitability, according to Strategy Analytics’ findings.

“Three of the world’s top four most profitable smartphone vendors are currently Chinese,” Strategy Analytics said in its report. “Huawei, Vivo and Oppo have not only improved their smartphone product lineups this year, they have also enhanced their operational abilities and kept a tight lid on expanding distribution costs.”

In a previous report, Strategy Analytics noted Samsung led global smartphone shipments in the third quarter with 75.3 million units. The company was followed by Apple with 45.5 million, Huawei with 33.6 million, Oppo with 21.6 million, and Vivo with 18.3 million.

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