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  • Julio Castro

MVNO Spotlight: H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless is a no contract MVNO that operates on the AT&T Network. H2O Wireless is a subsidiary of Locus Telecom and one of the longest tenured MVNO's in the game. H2O is a reliable MVNO that always manages to have some of the better rate plans and offers for their consumers. Their approach to wireless plans with an emphasis in International Long Distance differentiates them from the other AT&T MVNO's in the game. H2O Wireless is one of the few MVNO's to still offer a Pay-As-You-Go plan for that consumer that needs minimal minutes. Their H2O Bolt program offers Broadband plans on the AT&T Network. Recently they have launched their EasyGo and Envy product line to more diversify their brand. H2O Wireless is a must have in any Multi-Carrier location.


- Free International calling credit to any where in the world. (Credit varies by plan)

- International direct dial

- Competitive data offerings

- Pay-as-you Go plans

- Broadband plans available

- $10 pin good for up to 90 days

- Bring your own device (Will work with any AT&T or GSM Unlocked device)

- H2O Wireless Branded phone program

- You dictate pricing of your phones


- Not the best SPIFF offerings for dealers

- Not every Master Agent offers Instant SPIFFS

- Open proximity to all dealers, someone can sell H2O next door to you

- Dealer support (Choose master agent wisely)

- Customer support

Check our our H2O Wireless master agent list here

Julio Castro

Wireless Dealer Group


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