Cricket bumps data for customers after slide in growth

AT&T is throwing 60% more data for customers selecting its most popular Cricket prepaid rate plan following slide in growth

Coming off of a significant year-over-year drop in prepaid growth, AT&T’s Cricket Wireless brand is throwing 60% more data at consumers selecting one of its higher-end rate plan.

The carrier said its $50 per month plan will now include 8 gigabytes of unthrottled data access, an increase from the 5 GB previously offered. The plan continues with unlimited calling and text messaging in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, as well as the ability for a $5 per month discount for customers signing up for the Auto Pay service.

Cricket noted the $50 plan is its most popular, slotting in between the $60 “Pro” plan, which includes 10 GB of unthrottled data, and its $40 “Basic” plan with 2.5 GB of unthrottled data. The prepaid brand also continues to offer its range-topping “Unlimited” plan for $70 per month, which caps download speeds at 8 megabits per second, as well as its recently introduced entry level plan at $30 per month.

AT&T’s prepaid services, which include its Cricket and GoPhone brands, have been a significant direct driver of customer growth for the carrier, often pulling in new customers while its direct postpaid business struggles. However, AT&T last week reported it’s branded prepaid services posted a 34.7% year-over-year drop in net customer additions for the third quarter, though the segment still outperformed the contract side of the business.

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