Boost Mobile launches new plan and brings back free phones on ports

According to an anonymous tip and confirmed with additional details by Wave7 Research, on November 1st, Boost Mobile will resume offering free phones to customers who port their numbers to Boost at a Boost Mobile dealer. Switchers can chose between an Alcatel Dawn (list $39.99) or an LG K3 (list $49.99, currently $29.99 to switchers), subject to availability. The free phone promotion requires activation on Boost's $50 ($45 with autopay) unlimited plan and the switching customer must have been on the non-Sprint carrier they are switching from for at least 90 days. Free phones for switchers is a marketing tactic that AT&T's Cricket and T-Mobile's MetroPCS along with Boost have been using for years. It does drive activations but reportedly quite a few customers have been accumulating free phones by frequently switching from carrier to carrier, which has little benefit to any of the carriers. Boost stopped offering free phones for port-ins on September 1st. I believe that Sprint hoped that Cricket and MetroPCS would also drop the practice but they didn't. The 90 day rule, which is new, seems designed to slow down jumping from carrier to carrier. I wonder if Cricket or MetroPCS will also start requiring customers to be on the losing carrier for 90 days? In other Boost News, Sprint's prepaid brand will also launch a new $35 ($30 with auto pay) plan on Nov. 1. The new plan will include unlimited voice, messaging and data with the first 2 GB at high speed. The $35 plan will be available as a family plan at $60 for two lines, $90 for three lines, $130 for four lines and $150 for five lines. The family plan prices quoted are with auto pay, prices are $5 higher without.

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