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ROK Mobile GSM Service will no longer be available CDMA will be

As expected ROK Mobile has discontinued it's GSM Service as of 10/26/2016. What does this mean? It means that all GSM customers will have their service terminated and dealers will no longer be able to take payments.

ROK Mobile has issued a statement regarding their GSM Shut off in which they state that if any impacted customer visits your location to please refer them directly to ROK Mobile Customer Care at 877-644-1182. They will be refunding the customer directly and giving them their information necessary to port out.

This does NOT effect the ROK Mobile nationwide CDMA network as services there will remain the same. In light of this you are urged to either Port the customer over to their CDMA product or any competing GSM product that is available at your location.

In the big scheme of things it does look like ROK Mobile is trying to take care of their customers and transition them over to a working carrier. ROK Mobile has a brand to maintain as they still look to re-launch their GSM product in the near future. Unfortunately this measure had to be taken in order to get one step closer the them fully launching their GSM services.

We shall remain optimistic about this product as they seem to be eager to shake things up once they are fully launched.

Julio Castro


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