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Comcast as your cellular provider?

Comcast to focus on offering cellular services to cable TV and internet customers, while also leveraging access to 15 million Wi-Fi hot spots

Comcast: Your wide-area, wireless services provider. On one hand, thinking of Comcast as your wireless network services provider seems outrageous. What do they know about running a wireless business (other than owning more than 15 million Wi-Fi hot spots)? On the other hand, because they have an arrangement to use the Verizon Wireless network, it makes great sense for them to provide current customers with cost effective packages for cable, Internet, telephone and wireless.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts recently said the company plans to exercise their option to utilize the Verizon Wireless network at defined (wholesale, reseller) prices and begin cellular wireless services by mid-2017. You can be assured Comcast negotiated favorable pricing. Roberts said they are going to focus on marketing wireless in areas in which they have already significant customers.

Comcast now has a total of 22.3 million video customers, 23.3 million internet customers and 11.5 million phone customers with 27.7 million total unique customers. Internet access customers recently surpassed video customers for the first time. The company reported 89,000 net additions during the fourth quarter of 2015, which was Comcast’s best result on the video subscriber front in the past eight years. The broadband business continued to do well with adding 460,000 connections in the quarter and 1.4 million connections for the year. Comcast’s total customer base increased by 281,000 connections in the quarter and 666,000 connections for 2015. Here’s the chart that shows historical TV subscribers vs. internet subscribers. The crossover was bound to happen.

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