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Verizon Prepaid

NEW YORK – Beginning Sunday, September 25th, prepaid customers choosing Verizon can enjoy enhanced sound quality on phone calls with HD Voice when calling other Verizon HD Voice-capable devices. In addition to delivering audio so clear that it seems like you’re talking face-to-face, HD Voice service also includes video calls, calls over Wi-Fi, 6-way calling and the ability to surf the web while talking. Prepaid customers can choose from more than two dozen newer model iOS and Android smartphones capable of HD Voice, many equipped out-of-the-box to deliver greater audio performance and new capabilities.

Verizon HD Voice delivers increased audio quality and clarity, compared to standard voice calls, because calls are running on 4G LTE. Verizon HD Voice calls are carried on the company’s award-winning network, ranked number one by RootMetrics® for overall network performance across the United States for the past six testing periods.

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