Simple Mobile and T-Mobile Top Sellers in Multi Carriers

Wave7 Research has released the results of its Third Quarter, 2016 Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey. Wave 7 asked 30 independent, multi-brand dealers in major cities which prepaid brands they carried and which ones were their top sellers. Wave7 rates Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Lycamobile, H20, Net10, PagePlus and GoSmart as thewinners of this quarter's survey. For the third quarter in a row, TracFone's Simple Mobile lead the pack in both availability and sales. Simple was available at 28 out of 30 stores and ranked first in sales at 11 dealers and second at 9. T-Mobile Prepaid was second in both availability and sales. It was sold by 16 dealers and finished first in sales at 8 and second at 2. Ultra Mobile and Lycamobile also did well. Ultra was carried by 14 stores and was in the top three in sales at 8. Lycamobile was found in 13 stores and was a top three in seller at 9. H2O, Net10, PagePlus, and GoSmart were carried by at least half the dealers and also did well in sales. GoSmart was a top three seller at 9 dealers, H2O and Net10 at 6 and PagePlus at 5. You can't have winners without losers. According to Wave7, this quarter's losers were Red Pocket, Rok Mobile, Telcel America, Black Wireless and Expo Mobile. RedPocket was only sold by one dealer, Rok by two. One dealer said he had dropped Rok becauses of too many issues activating customers. Telcel was available at six dealers but not a top three seller at any of them. Black Wireless and Expo Mobile, which had a presence in previous Wave 7 surveys, were nowhere to be found this time.

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