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Verizon reigns supreme!

Verizon Wireless yet again topped nationwide operators in RootMetrics’ latest network performance testing, with the carrier easily outpacing rivals AT&T Mobility, Sprint and T-Mobile US.

The latest report, which took into account network performance testing through the first six months of 2016, gave Verizon Wireless the top spot with an “overall” RootScore of 93.9. AT&T Mobility came in No. 2 with a score of 89.9, followed by Sprint with a score of 85.5 and T-Mobile US with a score of 82.5.

By comparison, Verizon Wireless also topped the previous RootMetrics report for the last six months of 2015, posting a 94.5 score, compared with 91.3 for AT&T Mobility, 86 for Sprint and 80.9 for T-Mobile US.

Breaking down the five categories that make up the overall score – network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance and text performance – Verizon Wireless came out on top across the board, similar to the previous test.

Network reliability testing resulted in a 95.7 score for Verizon Wireless, followed by AT&T Mobility at 92.4, Sprint at 90.1 and T-Mobile US with a score of 84.

Verizon Wireless held a healthy lead in network speed, posting a score of 91, compared to 86.1 for AT&T Mobility, 85.8 for T-Mobile US and 72.2 for Sprint. In terms of data performance, Verizon Wireless scored a 95.6, with AT&T Mobility at 92.8, T-Mobile US at 89.9 and Sprint with a score of 84.3.

For those people who still talk to other people via their mobile phones, Verizon Wireless came out on top in call performance with a score of 91.2. Sprint posted its strongest showing in second place with a score of 86.2, followed by AT&T Mobility with a score of 85.2 and T-Mobile US with a score of 71.3.

Text messaging performance was close among all four nationwide operators, with Verizon Wireless scoring 96.9, followed by AT&T Mobility with a score of 95.6, Sprint with a score of 94.1 and T-Mobile US with a score of 90.8.

“The high level results show that Verizon remains the top carrier when it comes to overall network performance at the national level,” RootMetrics noted. “In fact, this round of testing marked the first time that Verizon was able to earn the National RootScore Award for all six categories outright.”

At a state level, RootMetrics noted Verizon Wireless had the outright top performing network in 41 states, and was tied in seven others for the top spot. AT&T Mobility managed an outright win in two states, with a tie for the top spot in six states, while T-Mobile US managed a tie for the top spot in one state. Sprint didn’t score any top state rankings in overall performance, but did manage to top the test’s network speed results for Nevada, so there’s that.

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