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Boost Mobile Unlimited You Plans

Beginning on or about Aug. 19, 2016, Boost Mobile will change the game with new simplified unlimited offers. For only $50 per month, customers can get an Unhook’d Plan including unlimited talk, text and optimized streaming videos and music with unlimited nationwide 4G LTE data for everything else. Plans also include free mobile hotspot and unlimited music streaming without data charges.

And they are not stopping there! How about only $30 per month to add additional Unlimited Unhook’d Family Plan lines? That means two Unlimited Family Plan lines for only $80 per month!

Not a bad play by Boost Mobile who seems to be getting more aggressive with each passing day. Add this move along with their new commitment in spending top dollars to advertise the Boost Mobile brand, and along with all the subsidy that they do on their handsets, it looks like it's make or break time for the people over at SPG and by the looks of it they are looking to make.

With good reason, following a horrible 2nd quarter where they saw a loss of 300,000+ subs. Click here for article. This brand needs a re-kick start and this is not a bad way to begin it. However only time will tell, as it is only a matter of time before the other big 2 in the prepaid market make adjustments.

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