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Phone Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 is its most refined and most advanced smartphone yet. This glass-and-aluminum slab adds features such as an iris scanner and water resistance to the fabled phablet series from Samsung. Here are Phone Scoop's first impressions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is an impressive handset in every respect. Now in its sixth generation (despite the name), the Note7 shows Samsung has learned how craft a masterful piece of hardware and bestow it with powerful software.

The Note7 treads the same path set by the Note 5 and S7. The phone is made from two pieces of glass that sandwich a metal frame. The two slabs of glass are Gorilla Glass 5, according to Samsung, and are symmetrical in their shape. Both pieces are curved near the edge to give the side edges a round profile. This helps make the profile narrower and the phone easier to hold. It's not as curved as the display on the S7 Edge, but is still enough that Samsung gave the Note7 its Edge UX features. The glass is fitted into the metal frame perfectly; the seams are tight all the way around. The materials and build quality are best-in-class.

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