AT&T GoPhone launching Family Plans

AT&T today confirmed to FierceWireless it plans to launch family plan options on its prepaid GoPhone service. AT&T joins Sprint’s Boost Mobile, T-Mobile’s MetroPCS and other prepaid providers in offering discounts to customers who activate multiple lines of service. The launch also represents a further effort by AT&T to continue to grow its prepaid customer base.

AT&T said that GoPhone customers who purchase its $45 (unlimited talk and text and 3 GB of high-speed data) or $60 per month (talk, text and 6 GB of high-speed data) prepaid plans are eligible for the family plan options. The family plan options essentially provide monthly service discounts depending on how many lines of service are added. For example, a customer could add one additional line of service and receive a $5 per month discount on that line. The discounts range up to a $20 per month discount for the fifth line of GoPhone service (and options up to 10 lines of service, with $20 per month discounts, are available to small businesses).

AT&T’s GoPhone family plan options are largely similar to those offered by other prepaid carriers. For example, Sprint’s Boost Mobile charges $35 for the first line of service and offers multi-line discounts ranging from $5 per month on the second line of service to $35 per month for the fifth line of service. Similarly, T-Mobile’s MetroPCS offers a first line of service for $50 per month and a second line for $25 per month, with 5 GB of high-speed data.

“This is a significant move from AT&T, as together with the current GoPhone BOGO offer, it shows that AT&T is serious about GoPhone sales. However, execution will be an issue and competitors such as MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, and Straight Talk still offer more value,” Jeff Moore of Wave7 Research told FierceWireless.

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