Ultra Mobile launches a new Sub-MVNO

T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has unveiled a new sub-brand called Mint SIM. Its main feature seems to be the ability to get discounts by paying for three, six or twelve months in advance. Mint SIM has three plans, all of which include unlimited voice minutes and unlimited SMS and MMS messaging. Data is also unlimited with the first 2, 5 or 10 GBs per month at full LTE speeds and the rest throttled to 2G speeds (probably 128 Kbps). Prices are as follows:

  • 2 GB high speed data: $35/month, $80/3 months ($26/month), $150/6 months ($25/month), $250/12 months ($21/month)

  • 5 GB high speed data: $50/month, $120/3 months ($40/month), $200/6 months ($33/month), $365/12 months ($31/month)

  • 10 GB high speed data: $60/month, $150/3 months ($50/month), $275/6 months ($46/month), $500/12 months ($42/month)

Additional data can be purchased. 1 GB and 3 GB add-ons are available. Data add-ons expire at the end of the current plan month. Data add-on pricing is not listed on the Mint SIM website. I tried calling Mint SIM customer support to inquire about data add-on pricing but got voice mail. I'll update this post with the add-on pricing if and when Mint SIM gets back to me. Unlike Ultra Mobile, which is targeted at users who make international calls with plans that include unlimited calling to some countries, international calls are pay per minute on Mint SIM plans. Rates are pretty good however, sample rates per minute for calling mobile numbers include: Canada 1¢, China 1¢, Mexico 2.5¢, Phillipines 9¢, United Kingdom 1.5¢. The Mint SIM site doesn't mention international SMS pricing, I've asked Mint SIM if there's an extra charge for sending international texts and will update this post when I find out.

Mint SIM uses the T-Mobile native network. Roaming is not available. Mint SIMs Terms and Conditions prohibit tethering or using your phone as a hotspot.

Mint SIM's are free with plan purchase but there's a $3.44 shipping charge. Mint SIM adds a 1% to 3% Regulatory Recovery Fee to plan prices. Califo....

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