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Ting drops data prices

Ting, a Pay-As-You-Go MVNO under Sprint and T-Mobile, announced some new changes to its data tariff rates earlier today. Prior to this announcement, the MVNO dropped prices on its plans around 2.5 years ago. But after negotiating better rates, Ting is ready to offer $10 on each follow-up after the first GB of data. According to their website, the new changes reflect the following:

  • Small Data Level - unchanged at $3 (up to 100MB)

  • Medium Data Level - previously $12, now $10 (up to 500MB)

  • Large Data Level - previously $19, now $16 (up to 1GB)

  • XL Data Level - previously $29, now $20 (up to 2GB)

  • XL+ Data Level - previously +$15 per GB, now +$10 per GB (2GB and beyond)

With regards to the included minutes and texts, these remain as is. Ting still isn't the best option for those looking to make phone calls as it can get pretty expensive (2,000 minutes adds $35 to your bill). Unless, of course, you use VoIP over Wi-Fi to make your calls; Ting is not the recommended option. What Ting is offering is a cheap option for everyone to have their own smartphone. This change is particularly good for individuals who only need to make a few calls or megabytes each month. For users who have data usage in gigabytes, this option.....

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