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  • Julio Castro

Google My Business for your store

In our previous blog (http://tinyurl.com/jcloc6l) we covered 10 things that you could do to market your store for free. One of them was setting your store up on Google My Business. There are many benefits to you listing your store on Google, the biggest reason is because Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine on the web. Ask your self, wouldn't you like to show up when a potential customer is on Google searching for a cell phone store in your area? Now imagine all the potential sales that you could be missing out on if you are not listed on Google?

Now that we have clarified the importance of setting up a Google My Business account let's go over how to set up your business.

1. Visit https://www.google.com/business/

2. Log in using your Google account or create a new one. Do not forget your logins as they will be what you use to log in every time to make any changes or create a new location.

3. Once your logged in go to the Main Menu located in the top left hand corner and select "All Locations"

4. Select "Add a single location", this should take you to a map of the US with a search field in the top left hand corner.

5. Enter the address of your location in the search field. One of two things should happen. One it will either find your business listing if it has been created before or it will prompt you that they could not find your location.

a. If Google found your address but it is not your business that is listed then proceed by selecting "This

doesn't match"

b. If Google could not find anything then select "I've correctly entered the name and address" button

6. After making either selection from above you will be prompted to enter your store information. Note: if you are a branded location like a Metro PCS store,I recommend that you have Metro PCS start off your business name. Ex: Metro PCS by ABC Wireless. This way whenever anyone Googles Metro PCS in your area, then you will show up. If you are a Multi carrier you might want to consider the same tactic but select which ever company you sell the most out of your location. Ex: "Simple Mobile by ABC Wireless".

7. In the Category section, please make sure to select the category that pertains to you. "Cell Phone Store" or "Electronics Repair"

8. Submit all of the information and verify the information on the next screen. Authorize and select continue.

9. It is important that your store information is correct as you will have a verification code sent to your location via mail. Make sure to keep an eye out for this mailer as it is important for you to complete the registration process. Once this step is complete you will be sent to your Google My Business Dash Board.

10. Select "Manage Location"

11. This will send you over to your Google + Listing for you to edit. Click on edit on the top right hand corner.

12. Add your website. If you have a website enter it here. Do not make the mistake of entering the Carriers website. Ex: www.boostmobile.com I see this done all too often. All you are doing is re-directing customers to search on the carriers store locator and potentially losing a customer to another location that is not yours. If you do not have your own website, link your Facebook Fan Page!

13. Add your store hours. Make sure to be accurate and if you ever change your store hours remember to come back in here and change them as this shows up when a customer is looking you up on Google. When complete, select "Done Editing" This should re-direct you to the Google+ listing.

14. On the Google+ Listing as shown above, select manage photos. Here you will be prompted to upload a Logo and Profile picture. The advice I would give is to upload the company you are selling logo as your logo. Example upload the Metro PCS logo if you are a Metro location. For your profile pic upload your own company logo or an exterior picture of your location. Reason for this is for those customers who are more visual they will right away recognize the name brands.

15. Add more pictures if you'd like, you can upload interior pictures, pictures of your merchandise, etc.

16. Your Google My Business listing is complete, all you need now is wait for your verification code through the mail to submit. To submit you will revisit your dash board and select "Get Verified" on the listing that you are verifying.

All done you are now on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google +!

We will have a future article with tips and tricks on how to use Google My Business!

Happy Selling

Julio Castro

Wireless Dealer Group


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